Tchau Rio!

We’re packed and ready to go! Leaving for the bus station from where we will take the bus to Iguazu! 

Thank you Rio for a great memory! 

Lots to do, visit and experience. Highlights were the Carnaval, Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado hill, covered in detailed mosaic and looking into his heart way from down here. Walking the mosaic streets of Rio, the churches and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Walking beneath Arcos da Lapa. The view from Sugarloaf and the sunset from up there over the Christ statue. Climbing stairs, Escalaria was fun but we also walked and climbed some stairs in a Favela, which was much nicer, steeper and worth remembering! 

Looking around you from anywhere and having a possibility to see the Christ statue. Looking at the landmarks ans seeing Favela’s on steep mountains, near cliffs in the most extreme conditions of living these people have the best views over the city, sunrise and beaches in all of Rio. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the either deserted or overcrowded streets. Buttocks in bikini’s, extreme with the desired and the admired. 

All in all Rio is a city of diversity, no boundaries and an everlasting vibe. From fine art to struggle that leads to creativity. From detail to bold. Something for everyone! 


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