Street parades Ipanema

Nice day on the beach in the tumbling water of Ipanema beach, we went home to freshen-up and de-sand to join the Banda de Ipanema tonight. 

From Posto 10 back to Posto 7 the crowd starts to build up. We started our walk from Posto 10 on the beach back to the park, on Copacabana side, near Posto 8. You get those who follow the band, then those who come to look and then as usual “pic me, pic me” photo entertainment! 

There is history and culture behind all things in Rio. Everything has a story to it, dated, appreciated and then properly maintained. The same with the band. The founders are still a huge part of the parade, pictures of them on display and photos can be taken with them. These guys were responsible for the reviving or street parades in Ipanema. The street parties in Ipanema are the biggest and apparently the best. Virile – now drunk guys – assured us that Janko will be back when he is 19 …maybe this should be Rio’s greatest fear! 

Nicely dressed, T-shirts are sold and the crowd is managed by a line of guards. Banda de Ipanema will be back next year! 

Street parades start early, so everyone can join in the fun. You see elders, on the samba beat, mothers and kids, like myself and then the “I wanna stay till late, but you know what happened last time” bunch, who walks around with babies in strollers. 

Time to make a bit of money here and there, new stalls pop-up overnight, new stock and new opportunities! 

All dressed up, with a bit of colour here and there. Anything goes! 

Hundreds of people flocking together and no two are alike. You need not do or say anything your eyes will keep your brain busy for hours. Private parties in the huge apartments above, some host beautiful bodies -apparently not my kind- other chicken-suits and everyone on a Samba beat! No standing still in or near this parade! We saw really nice costumes and people are eager to let you take pictures, but they insist you have to be part of it. So we were. 

Janko’s “19 and he’ll wanna be back” crowd. 

Lenka’s creative mind

As we took a turn against the band followers I realised how many people were actually really in these streets. We could not move. Decided to take the first stream of feet out of the crowds, keep kids very close and try and escape the pushing crowds. 

We did our walk and went back home for dinner. Abré turned out to be a great chef, and the kids turned out to be lovers of all kinds of food. Anything goes and they try anything new! So proud of them. From qual eggs to jerked beef. 

“Pic me” winners: 

P.s. We grabbed Harry from the crowd…he did not expect it! 100% Hero material! 



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